Confrontation Based On Condition

I wouldn't be able to understand anything else.

was told to send it to a place that is much harder and more dangerous than agoge, while enjoying special benefits with the consideration of Pydonomos. I looked around because I felt like I couldn't stand the atmosphere of this place that didn't like me and the confrontation proposal I received every day. When I heard it, the judge looked embarrassed to see if it seemed to be so. He said that even though he wanted to listen, he didn't have the right to do so. He said that Pydonomos has the authority to move personnel and supplies. I was disappointed at that, but I still asked with anticipation. I want you to pass on to Pydonomos even my wish to go to Kim Nacion.
Then the referee said with a color. I mean, if Pydonomos knew that they had a confrontation even while having me go through a new ceremony instead, they wouldn't like them.
Because of that, he said he couldn't accept my request. It was me who had no choice regardless of whether or not I accepted the terms, but I acted as if I was struggling at a crossroads of choice. It was an acting to draw out his decision. But just then, Pydonomos appeared, and he said he would accept the conditions I said. Pydonomos accidentally passed the training ground, saw me talking to the referee, and was listening to our conversation behind the pillar. Instead of accepting my terms, Pydonomos gave me a clue. It was not just a dalian, but a formal match. I said I would. There was no reason to refuse. Anyway, the opponent I was going to fight with must have a fight to kill me even if there was no such clue. I was confident to win, and I thought this was an opportunity to show Kaion's skills to the Rakedaimon people. When I said that I would do it without hesitation, Pydonomos was amazed. Actually, he gave me such a clue because he wanted me to go. Like all Spartans, Pydonomos also had a chosen people's consciousness that the Spartans were a people chosen by God. He couldn't believe that insignificant slaves had such a sublime selflessness that they would stand on the battlefield instead of for their companions. I thought that fellowship was a kind of comradeship that suited Spartans who had been strengthened with a sense of clan from childhood. He thought that physical abilities, such as stamina and skill, could be innate to some extent. But I believed that the spirit of sacrificing oneself for others was never innate. It was believed that such a noble altruism is the highest level a human can have, and that it can only be achieved through extreme training courses in Sparta. That's why I mentioned the formal match as a point to check more. I wanted to see if I could risk my life for my colleague.
Paidonomos thought that there would be such a special consideration for Halo-Thai, and when he heard an unexpected answer from me, he was confused. Then I asked a few times.
Pydonomos, who confirmed that my will was firm, asked if the reason for responding was due to a colleague or Nasion Kim. I said both. When it became necessary to admit that even insignificant Caion had a companionship that transcends death, Pydonomos' face suddenly turned cold. The eyes that were favorable to me during that time also became cold like frost feet.
For Paidonomos, who hated to admit the fellowship of the lowly slave, I was no longer a clever and wise Dalian slave who knew the fountain. He was just uncomfortable and grotesque. Paidonomos, who didn't want to endure such inconvenience, replaced my opponent, who was the best boxing player among the senior Hevons. You were thinking of killing me. The game was quickly covered up. I calmly waited for the opponent to attack in order not to make the same mistake as before. And when the opportunity came, I hit the opponent's neck precisely. The opponent bleeds and fell, and died while twisting. I wondered what the young lion would make when he dies, but he couldn't answer the question. I died silently. It was a frightening fight f

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